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Patrick Kummeneker is an audio engineer based in Vienna. To many better known as Tricky, he’s a long-time trusted partner for musicians and labels all over the world. Drawing on over a decade of experience in mixing and mastering songs, Tricky has worked with gold and platinum selling artists such as Redman, Conchita Wurst, Tokio Hotel and Ray Dalton, and has repeatedly been nominated for “Best Sound” at the Austrian Amadeus Music Awards.

Following his Bachelor’s Degree of Recording Arts at the SAE Institute Vienna and years of working as a live engineer at concert venues, Tricky started transitioning from show business into the world of studio recording. It was around this time that he met Austrian producer and pianist David Bronner, who soon became a friend and mentor. Working as his mixing assistant for a period of four years, Tricky got hooked on the entire process of music post-production and started his own mixing and mastering studio in Vienna in 2011.

Within just a few years, Tricky became the go-to audio engineer for a wide range of creators in Austria, from experimental jazz combos to mainstream pop artists. Today, musicians and both indie and major labels from all over the world regularly trust him to bring out the best in their music – with an obsessive attention to detail and an inherent drive to settle for nothing but the best sound. 

Patrick Kummeneker, by many better known as Tricky, is a Platinum-awarded mixing and mastering engineer based in Vienna.

Selected References


Tandem (Julian le Play)
Recording: Lukas Hillebrand, Matthias Oldofredi, Johannes Römer  
Mix: Lukas Hillebrand, Patrick Kummeneker, Nikodem Milewski
Mastering: Zino Mikorey, Martin Scheer
Künstlerische Produktion: Lukas Hillebrand, Julian le Play, Matthias Oldofredi, Johannes Römer  

louasril (Lou Asril)
Recording: Zebo Adam, Thomas Bernhard, Felipe Scolfaro Crema, Alex The Flipper, Maximilian Walch, Robert Wallner
Mix: Alex Tomann, Maximilian Walch, Robert Wallner 
Mastering: Patrick Kummeneker, Martin Scheer
Künstlerische Produktion: Zebo Adam, Thomas Bernhard, Felipe Scolfaro Crema, Alex The Flipper, Maximilian Walch, Robert Wallner 

M (Mathea)
Recording: Vlado Dzihan, Johannes Herbst
Mix: Patrick Kummeneker, Nikodem Milewski, Peter Schmidt
Mastering: Nikodem Milewski 
Künstlerische Produktion: Vlado Dzihan, Johannes Herbst

Homesick (Avec)
Recording: Andreas Häuserer
Mix: Andreas Häuserer, Patrick Kummeneker, Nikodem Milewski, 
Mastering: Zino Mikorey
Künstlerische Produktion: Andreas Häuserer, Avec

JULIAN LE PLAY – Sonne Mond Sterne
Recording: Lukas Hillebrand, Matthias Oldofredi, Johannes Römer, Markus Weiss
Mix: Lukas Hillebrand, Patrick Kummeneker
Mastering: Martin Scheer, Zino Mikorey
Künstlerische Produktion: Lukas Hillebrand, Matthias Oldofredi, Johannes Römer,
Julian le Play

LYLIT – Inward Outward
Recording: Andreas Lettner
Mix: Maximilian Walch, Wolfgang Schiefermair, Ariel Borujow
Mastering: Patrick Kummeneker
Künstlerische Produktion: Andreas Lettner

Recording: Johannes Herbst, Vlado Dzihan, Lukas Hillebrand, Markus Weiss, Bern Wagner
Mix: Lukas Hillebrand, Patrick Kummeneker, Vlado Dzihan Mastering: Vlado Dzihan
Künstlerische Produktion: Vlado Dzihan, Lukas Hillebrand, Markus Weiss, Bern Wagner

Conchita Wurst / Wiener Symphoniker / „From Vienna With Love“
Recording: Georg Burdicek, Markus Weiß, Dorothee Freiberger
Mix: Dietz Tinhof, Patrick Kummeneker
Mastering: Christoph Stickel
Künstlerische Produktion: Dorothee Freiberger, David Bronner

Conchita Wurst  „Conchita“
dBMusic und Die Fleischerei für Recording und Bronner David (dBMusic), Kummeneker Patrick (Freihaus Studio), Dietmar ‘Dietz‘ Tinhof für den Mix. 


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