Patrick Kummeneker / Mixed By Tricky / Mixing & Mastering Studio



Patrick Kummeneker aka´Tricky´is a Vienna based recording and mixing engineer who has been working with platinum selling artists such as Conchita Wurst, Tokio Hotel and Redman.



Tricky has been fascinated by music and especially sound recording since childhood days. He started playing saxophone and clarinet at the age of 7 and was member of several bands and orchestras during his time at the Vienna Music Highschool. After his graduate Tricky  started recording his own band projects besides his intense audio engineering study at the SAE Vienna. During that time he worked as an live engineer for considerable venues in Vienna and toured with local artists and bands all over Europe.


After his Bachelor Degree of Recording Arts, Tricky moved more into the studio recording world. He met his mentor David Bronner and became his mixing assistant for a period of 4 years. During that time he got totally hooked to the music postproduction process and opened his own mixing room in Vienna.


„I love my job which became my vocation. Every artist and song receives the same amount of my obsessive attention to detail, whether it`s major label or self-funded production.“ 

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